B.E Aeronautical Engineering




 PEO 1: Adaptability to industry: Graduates of the programme will receive adequate academic  

               input to adapt themselves in any aircraft and allied industries.


PEO 2:  Successful Career Development: Graduates of the programme will have successful

   technical and professional careers in Aeronautical and allied industries and



PEO 3:  Contribution to Aeronautical Field:  Graduates of the programme will have innovative

   ideas and potential to contribute for the development and current needs of the   

   aeronautical industries.


PEO 4:  Sustainable interest for Lifelong learning: Graduates of the programme will have

  sustained interest continuously to learn and adapt new technology and development to

  meet the changing industrial scenarios.







Aeronautical Engineering attains the following student learning Program Outcomes:


  • Graduate will have strong basics in mathematics, science and engineering.
  • Graduate will acquire the ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  • Graduate will demonstrate the ability to design a system or a component to meet the design requirements with constraints exclusively meant for Aerospace Engineering.
  • Graduate will become familiar with modern engineering tools and analyze the problems within the domains of Aerospace Engineering as a member of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Graduate will have the capability to identify, formulate and solve complex engineering problems of Aerospace Engineering.
  • Graduate will acquire an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility with reference to their career in the field of Aerospace Engineering and other professional fields.
  • Graduate will be able to communicate effectively both in verbal and nonverbal forms.
  • Graduate will be trained towards developing and understanding the importance of design and development of Airplanes from system integration point of view.
  • Graduate will be capable of understanding the value for life-long learning.
  • Graduate will exhibit the awareness of contemporary issues focusing on the necessity to develop new materials, design, testing and solution for environmental problems pertaining to aircraft industry.
  • Graduate will be able to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools that are necessary for engineering practice in the field of Aerospace Engineering.
  • Graduate will have firm scientific, technological and communication base that helps him to find a placement in the Aircraft industry and R&D organization related to Aerospace Engineering and other professional fields.
  • Graduates will be capable of doing higher studies and research in inter and multidisciplinary areas.





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