The Department of Aerospace Engineering was established in 1949 in the MIT Campus, for furthering the cause of Aerospace Research in the new born nation. It is the first department offering undergraduate (UG) programme in Aeronautical Engineering in India. Till date, the Department has been leading the way in propelling indigenous research in aerospace field. This was made a reality through the competent, devoted and efficient faculty and highly sophisticated state – of – art laboratory facilities. The department runs one full time UG, three full time post graduate (PG), one part time UG and one part time PG programmes. The department also offers MS(By research) and Ph.D research programs in various areas related to Aerospace Engineering.  



Centre for Aerospace Research was established in 2001 in the Department of Aerospace Engineering to serve the aerospace community through advanced research and developmental activities needed for the country. A number of seminars, workshops are being arranged to bring the scientists, staff and students of various organizations and academic institutions to share the technical knowledge. Department faculty members undertake various sponsored research projects through Centre for Aerospace Research from various funding agencies like Aeronautical Research & Development Board (AR&DB), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Laboratories and from various private industries. A standing testimony to the striking progress achieved by the Department can be showcased by the sanction of Micro – Satellite Development Project by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to Centre for Aerospace Research and the active participation in the project by the department faculty. Faculty members from other departments also participated in this project.The microsatellite(ANUSAT) was successfully launched in April 2009 by PSLV-CA C12.



In Memory of Prof. K.A.V.Pandalai, a former Professor and Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering, a chair has been created with the financial support from Aeronautical Research and Development Board (AR&DB) Ministry of Defence. Under the chair a number of research activities related to Defence and Space Programmes are being carried out.