Name                :Dr. P.Varalakshmi

Qualification      :MTech (Computer Science),Ph.D

Designation      :Associate Professor







Name                    :Mr.Sudhakar

Mail                       :

Qualification          :M.E, (Ph.D)

Area of Interest     :Cryptography and Algorithms 



Name                 :Ms.S. Fouzul Hidhaya

Designation         :Teaching Fellow, 

Email id              :

Area of interest     :Web Application Security, Android and its security,

                          Theory of computation.




Name                  :Ms.Cinu C Kiliroor

Designation         :Teaching Fellow

Qualification        :M. Tech                                                                         

Email id               :   

Area of interest    :Computer Graphics, Operating System, Computer Networks




Name                      :Ms.A.Bhuvaneswari

Designation              :Teaching Fellow

Mail ID                     :

Qualification              :B.E. , M.Tech ( CSE)

Area of interest          :Cloud Computing,Data Mining,Analysis of Algorithms