IT Association


Constituted in the year 2001, Information Technology Association (ITA) comprises the students of our Department-Information Technologists. Dr. B.VinayagaSundaram, Professor & Head, Department of IT, is the current president of this association. Dr. Dhananjay Kumar acts as the adviser for the Association. Under the able guidance of these two mentors and with the help from the teaching fraternity, the Association helps students to sharpen their talents, while also giving them the support they need to publish papers in prestigious academic journals and travel nationally and internationally to present at conferences. 



The Student body for the year 2016-17


Dr. B.VinayagaSundaram, Professor & Head, Dept of IT

Chief Advisor

Dr. Dhananjay kumar, Associate Prof., Dept of IT


Naveen Raj S

Deputy Chairman

Reshma J G

General Secretary

Pravin E

Deputy Treasurer

Srinivas Sribal

Joint Secretary



The following activities are conducted by the association: 

• Arranging guest lectures by experts from the software industry and other leading universities .

• Arranging curriculum related technical seminars helping students to excel academically.

• Arranging mock interviews, aptitude tests, group discussions to help students prepare for the placements. 



• MUTEX, an intra college technical festival.

• SAMHITA , a national-level technical symposium.


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