Lab Facilities

Metallurgy Lab:

The Metallurgy Laboratory is equipped with infrastructure to provide complete information about the metallurgical changes that occur in a metal during its processing and heat treatment. It has equipments to analyze the sand characteristics to be used for casting,and also advanced image processing units to evaluate the metals.    Muffle Furnace

  •     Metallurgical Microscope
  •     Rockwell Hardness Tester
  •     Foundry Sand Tester
  •     Sieve Analysis Equipment
  •     Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  •     Buffling Machine or Lapping Machine
  •     Image Processing Unit
  •     High Temperature Furnace
  •     Constant Voltage Power Supply Unit   

Fluid Power Lab:

The fluid power laboratory contains trainer kits in hydraulic, pneumatic and their electrical operated ones to help in understanding of various circuits which are used in practically all applications. Exposure and training of industry employed programmable logic controllers and simulations are also provided to acquire the skill behind the driving work force of every industry.

  •    P Simulator
  •    Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  •    Electro Pneumatic Kit
  •    H Simulator
  •    Hydraulic Trainer Kit
  •    Electro Hydraulic Trainer Kit
  •    PLC Trainer Kit
  •    Hydraulic and Pneumatic Circuit Elements

Material Testing Lab:

All the important destructive testing machines to evaluate the materials to be used for different applications are employed in the material testing laboratory. This provides a thorough knowledge of mechanical properties of different engineering metals like strength, hardness, toughness etc.

  •    Universal Testing Machine
  •    Fatigue Tester
  •    Torsion Tester
  •    Impact Tester
  •    Brinell and Vickers Hardness Tester
  •    Creep Testing Machine

Metal Forming Lab:

The metal forming laboratory concerns all factors and considerations to be known in various metal forming operations. Actual industrial atmosphere is replicated here to provide in-depth knowledge of common forming processes of metals and their associated characteristics.

  •   Water Hammer Forging
  •    Erichson Cupping Test
  •    Ring Compression Test
  •    Hydraulic Press – 100 T

Mechatronics Lab:

Metrology Lab:

With the fast growing advancements in the field of precision engineering, novel equipments to be used in the measurement field are employed in the metrology laboratory. Training of highly accurate and high technology machines are provided for constant updating of knowledge in the measurement science in micro and nano scales.

  •   CMM Alpha 543
  •   Profile Projector
  •   TMM
  •   Surface Roughness Tester

CNC Lab:
Special computer numerical controlled machines which are employed in industries are trained to gain adequate knowledge in the use of automated machines in the rapid production centered environments. Programming and interfacing is also trained to gain the necessary skill to perform any operation directly in an industrial CNC machine.

  •   ORAC CNC Lathe
  •   HMT CNC Trainer Lathe
  •   TRIAC CNC Milling Machine
  •    Retrofitted Lathe


Robotics Lab:

CAD Lab:

The CAD/CAM laboratory contains required features to provide skill in the design field.Modeling  and analysis software packages employed in the design and project departments in industries are practiced with numerous exercises.

  •   Hardware- P III and P IV Processors in LAN
  •   Software- Licensed versions of
  •   CATIA V5 R14
  •   Unigraphics
  •   ANSYS V9.0
  •   SOLID WORKS 2005
  •   ACIS Solid Modeler



Laboratory Manual 


B.E. Production Engg.

PR8311 - Metallurgy and Materials Testing lab

     PR 8511 - Fluid Power Lab

PR 8512 - Metrology Lab

PR8612 - Creativity and Innovative Project (Report format)

PR8713 - Mechatronics and Robotics Lab

PR 8811 - Project Work

        M.E. Manufacturing Engg.


    MN7311 - Project Work - Phase I

MN7411 - Project Work – Phase II

       M.E. Mechatronics 


MR7111 Computer Aided Modeling, Simulation and Automation Laboratory

MR7211 - Automation Laboratory

MR7212 - Microcontrollers Laboratory

MR7312 - Project Work - Phase I

MR7411 - Project Work - Phase II