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            The Madras Institute of Technology, a pioneering institution providing higher education in path breaking areas of technology to the youth with unquenching thirst for knowledge, was instituted in 1949 by the great visionary Shri C.Rajam, a Philanthropist and Buy cialis professional patriot. There after, with a missionary ardour on its motto of “In the Service of India” MIT has been making inimitable strides in keeping up with the Generic viagra prophetic views as conceived by its founder. The academic excellence and outstanding achievements of its Alumni soon witnessed the amalgamation of Viagra for sale online MIT with three other colleges in forming the reputed Anna University in 1978.

            The Department of Aerospace Engineering was instituted in the year 1949 as a forerunner in the whole country in furthering the cause of Aerospace Research in the new born Nation. Till date, Viagra online the Department has been leading the way in propelling indigenous research in Aerospace field. This was made a reality through the competent, devoted and efficient faculty and highly sophisticated state of art laboratory facilities.