• Two / Three / Four Wheeler Chassis Dynamometer
  • Chemiluminescence Nox Analyser
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope Signal Explorer DL-1740 EL
  • Eddy current dynamometer of various capacities
  • Universal Engine Test Rig with four cylinder MPFI SI Engine
  • Comprehensive Engine Diagnostics System
  • FIP calibration test bench
  • Variable compression ratio Multi-fuel engine
  • NISSALCO Smoke meter
  • Crypton 290 – 5 parameter Gas Analyser
  • Combustion pressure measurement pickups and Data Acquisition System
  • Computer based Car geometry measuring equipment
  • Micro controllers and training kits for automotive electronics
  • 230kW Schenk Dynamometer
  • 11 kW Vibrometer eddy current dynamometer
  • FEXA 574GE Horiba 7 parameters exhaust gas analyser
  • RION Sound level meter
  • RION Vibration analyser
  • Optical wheel alignment system
  • Automotive embedded system software
  • Electrical Test Bench




The Department has a separate library of its own including a number of rare books on Automobile Engineering. It also keeps the senior students' theses and projects for the benifit of the current students.