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          The Center for Automotive Research and Training (CART), an inter-disciplinary center, was established in the year 1997 by the University to mainly cater to the needs of the automotive industry with regard to design, research, consultancy, training and testing. The center functions currently both at the main campus and at the MIT campus. The center proposes to offer a postgraduate programme titled ,Automotive Manufacturing Management, which will be a highly inter-disciplinary programme mainly framed with inputs from the user industry, namely the automotive industry. The center acts as a nodal agency interacting with automotive industries both at home and abroad and with various academic departments and centers, functioning at Anna University. Some of the interacting departments/centers at Anna University include Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Automobile Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics, AU-FRG Institute for CAD/CAM, Rubber Technology, Instrumentation, Traffic Engineering and University Sophisticated Instrumentation Center.


The UG students, the PG and PhD scholars as well as the faculties of MIT are exposed to research activities pertaining to which workshops and Faculty Development Programmes are held throughout the year. The two centers dedicated to research at MIT are AUKBC(ANNA UNIVERSITY-KBC CENTER FOR INTERNET AND TELECOM TECHNOLOGIES) and CART(Center for Automotive Research and Training).

Also the faculty and students of specific departments also carry out researches in their respective fields. 

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     The AU-KBC Center for the Internet and Telecom Technologies has been established at the MIT Campus in May 1999 through the donation of RS.1.00 crore Dr.K.B. Chandrasekhar, Chairman and Co-founder of Exodus Communications, USA. The infrastructure includes a 256 kbps Internet access over a 2 Mbps based line, high-end server with broad-based Networking. The research activities of the center are to investigate on cryptography, Network security, Internet Access over the power line medium and many others. In addition, the KBC foundation has donated another 0.5 crore Rupees towards setting up a state-of –art java lab at the center and 1.5 crore rupees for the campus networking and video conferencing facilities. One of the goals of the center is to link value-addition to the Domain-knowledge possessed by the faculty and the students of our University in diverse Domains through the use of the Internet and I.T Tools/Technologies. There are a number of ways in which this can be attempted, such as:

       Enhance/extend the range and scope of the Instructional Process, including the concept of remote-classrooms, web based learning, etc, Convert the domain knowledge into prototype(h/w or s/w) having market value , such as Algorithms, Design Tools, Software Packages, Databases Product Designs, etc.. Convert the domain knowledge into services of value to the public and government such as GIS–based services.

       Form professional networks, specialists’ groups etc, on the Net to promote community interaction and professional growth. The center has received funding from various agencies to the tune of Rs.432.00 lakhs.

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