Quiz Club of MIT is a student organization which was formed in the year 2011 as an informal organisation to nurture the general knowledge skills of budding engineers in MIT.

Started with only a handful of people, but the Quiz Club of MIT now has more than 100 students from various departments as active members.

The club was made official in February 2015 which permitted the organization to include the first year students to take part in the club's events.

Our quizzes have always been able to provide global information ranging from current affairs, Science & technology, History to Sports, Entertainments, Arts, etc., and been able to keep students in pace with the developments happening all over the world.


Chairman: G.Venkatakrishnan, IV year, Production Technology

Secretary: K.Sudhan, IV year, Rubber & Plastics Technology

Treasurer: Mohammed Kamil Ashik, III year, ECE

Faculty Advisor: Mr.Jeyanth, Department of Science & Humanities







Being an educational institute provide a world standard education

to student sucessully for past 50 years ,we in additionally provide

many extra curricullar activities inorder to improve their skills and

get better expose to world without any ease

some student activities are:




Organisation involves in such activities are :


           Rotaract club

           Computer Society


          MIT MUSEUM

“Real museums are where time is transformed into space”

           MIT MUSEUM portrays the pride of MIT through its displays, wall hangings, photos, videos, models, etc. MIT Museum is an organization acting as a bridge between MIT alumni and the present students.

         MIT MUSEUM strives to bring back the MIT culture which are extinct or which are in the brink of extinction. MIT museum strives to educate people inside MIT about the prestige and culture of the MITians who achieved great and attained top positions.

         MIT MUSEUM tries to make students understand that MITians are/were stronger than others in all aspects such as studies, sports, extracurricular activities like cultural (dance, variety, dramas etc).

MIT MUSEUM also provides opportunities for the current students to interact with the alumni to enhance their knowledge, to shine in their placement/carrier, to glow brightly in their next 40 years of real life situations.

MIT MUSEUM extracts the experience of the present students for the juniors to follow.

MIT MUSEUM was started in March 2011 and continues to act as an individual body. The academic year 2013-2014 was a blossoming year for us and the activities are

  • This year we arranged all the photos in a correct order. i.e starting from 1949 to the current date, the gallery is arranged accordingly.
  • The precious books of the alumni which we collected started to fade out in their quality and a measure of wrapping all the MITMAG’s are done to ease its view.
  • To exhibit the books safely proper carpentry work has been done
  • The shields from various clubs are collected and kept for display for example,The shield for “AIDS AWARENESS” by NSS, The shield for “SILVER JUBILEE” by MITAA
  • Professor K.V.Narayananan, the founder and first staff advisor of PDA is a legend in the MIT history. His excellency is portrayed in the booklet which we added to the books of Museum.Rajam’s Visionary mission is the book released by his grand-daughter Prema Srinivasan in presence of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and this book is collected from Prema Srinivasan in person for museum’s collection.
 For more about MIT Museum click here

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