Advanced Machines and Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facilities (Testing Charges)


University Potential for Excellence (UPE) Facilities

5-axes vertical milling machine

3-Axes Gantry Robot with Software & Controller

Coordinate measuring machine with software

Non-contact surface roughness tester

3-Axes gantry robot with software and controller

6-Axes robot with software and controller

6-Axes robot with software and controller(light weight torque complaint robotic arm)

Vision system controlling the gantry robot

Automatic conveyor system & palletizing system  (2 Nos)

Virtual manufacturing  Software (Digital Manufacturing)

Work station X-Y shake table with Advanced controller and software for robot (high end configuration with server)

Design and fabrication of end effectors

Simulation software packages(ADAMS ANSYS and FEA bundle )

CNC Power press brake

CNC Injection Molding machine

5 Axes CNC Machining centre

CNC Turning centre

High temperature furnace 1600º C

CNC controlled hydraulic press (40 Ton Capacity )

Chemical Vapour Deposition Unit

Ultrasonic Machine

TIG Welding Machine

Thread rolling Machine

CNC Controlled coordinate measuring machine

Non-contact surface roughness tester

3 D Scanner using laser beam

SIEMENS - Centre For Excellence Laboratories

             The following 14 State of Art laboratories are established in the Production Department (New Building - Third Floor)

1. Product Design and Validation Laboratory

2. Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

3. Test and Optimisation Laboratory

4. Rapid Prototype Laboratory

5. NC Programming Laboratory

6. CNC Machine Laboratory

7. Lift Installation and Maintenance Laboratory

8. Electrical Laboratory

9. Process Instrumentation Laboratory

10. Automation Laboratory

11. Mechatronics Laboratory

12. Automotive Body Repair Laboratory

13. Automotive Paint Shop Laboratory

14. Robotics Laboratory


Department Laboratory Facilities

Metallurgy Laboratory

Material Testing Laboratory

Metal Forming Laboratory

Metrology Laboratory

Fluid Power Laboratory

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory   

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Laboratory

Robotics Laboratory

Mechatronics Laboratory 


Department Library  

Department Mechatronics division Library