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     Welcome to the Department of Production Technology, MIT campus, University Departments of Anna University, Chennai. The uniqueness of the department among the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, is academic programme emphasizes on realization of sustainable solutions involving material processing: removal (machining), shaping (casting, forming, moulding and addition) and joining, resource management and mechatronics system and intelligence, to cater needs of society. Any man made object/product: Stone Age to Silicon Age; healthcare to spacecraft; machinery to electronic gadgets and large to micro-nano dimension structures, inevitably involves production engineering for commercialization.

     With evolution of technologies like computer numerical control machine, automated material handling, robots etc; management tools like Total Quality Management, Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing etc; world scenario like open competitiveness, global market and environmental concern; and advances in manufacturing and multi-disciplinary approaches, the continual and provocative efforts of teaching staff over the years and the quality of students, the department progressed concomitantly with emphasis on advanced manufacturing, resource management and low cost smart automated systems.

     The department significantly contributed to the fabrication of Anti-biogram diagnostic devices as a part of UGC - University with Potential for Excellence scheme (2017-2020) under leadership of late Prof. R.Sivaramakrishnan. In the year 2020, the department was sanctioned by TANII 2020 for development of semi and fully automated intelligent exo-skeletal and prosthetics for disabled communities, based on various prototypes developed over the past two decades by fraternity of postgraduate Mechatronics students and staff.

     Our faculty and state-of-the-art laboratories showcase the diverse research interests in the domain of metal forming, material joining, metal casting, polymer composite processing, unconventional machining, mechatronics, robotics, automation and sustainable manufacturing, by publications, patents, dissertations and products.

     The contribution of former distinguished faculty members and students of the department is commemorated and endeavours made enthusiastically to continue in the same spirit through continuous improvements in academics and research to serve society with knowledgeable, skilled and trained human resource, promoting interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, technology development, product realization and sustainable solutions to industrial and societal problems.  

     The department facilitates avenues for perfect learning and training in the field of modern manufacturing systems for employability, career in industries, research and government.  The department strives for creating  an ecosystem for education and research to imbibe responsiveness to society and industrial needs among the student community.       

     The primary tasks ahead of the department is to maximize the utilization of the state-of-the-art facilities, connect with stakeholders, networking with industry, R&D laboratories and academic institutions, dissemination of knowledge and making a mark in the Production Engineering field.

              Thank you for visiting us.

Dr. A. Siddharthan, Professor & Head 


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