Computer Center is a technology provider to students, researchers and teaching community to fulfill their computational, technological and internet requirements. One of the major tasks of Computer Center is to equip the UG students of all branches in their first year course of study. They are extensively trained in programming skills in both WINDOWS and LINUX platform This Center is presently headed by Mrs. T. Catherine Bina.

For Previous Year Questions 

Question Paper in PDF Format    B.E. B. Tech. 

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Anna Univ – University Library – WEB Site -  Question Bank - Link

B.E-B.Tech Full Time 2014

B.E-B.Tech Part Time 2014

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Apr-May 2015

B.E-B.Tech Part Time Apr-May 2015

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Nov-Dec 2015

B.E-B.Tech Part Time Nov-Dec 2015

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Apr-May 2016

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Nov-Dec 2016

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Apr-May 2017

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Nov-Dec 2017

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Apr-May 2018

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Nov-Dec 2018

B.E-B.Tech Full Time Apr-May 2019