Raptors write up:

The quest for aero modelling in MIT had laid its foundation here since, the UG program was initiated here. To explore such practical sides of designing and fabricating a real-time working aircraft, this Raptors club was established. The main objective of Raptors club is to guide and build students in the area of challenges faced while fabricating an aircraft. The journey of Raptors club of MIT started with the vision to provide students the platform to explore the world of Aeronautics. This vision is achieved by conducting workshops, seminars, guest lectures by professors or CEOs of great companies and self- handled teaching sessions. At times, Raptors club has also planned to compete in various Inter-college competitions with their fully developed UAV models.


Project Alpha:

Project alpha is a solar powered balsa wood aircraft which weighs 3kg in total with a payload carrying capacity of 300g. This project has faced its improvement since January 2022. Various teams such as design, analysis and fabrication team had poured their efforts and time to model this aircraft. The aircraft is yet to be tested with minor works.

Weekly sessions:

Every week, teaching session to upcoming juniors had also been taken care of. These session has its focus on dividing students on three groups based on their field of interest namely: Quadcopters, Fixed wing airplane, Rocketry. With further sessions held, the students will be taught on their own division after a few introductory sessions.