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AICTE had recommended and approved the conduct of Induction programme for first year students of all branches of Engineering and Technology.

The objective was to work closely with the newly joined students in order to facilitate the following:

  • Make the students feel comfortable in the new environment.
  • Allow them to explore their academic interests and activities.
  • Reduce competition and make them work for excellence.
  • Promote bonding within them.
  • Build relations between teachers and students.
  • Give a broader view of life.
  • Build character.

In this contect, Anna University conducted a two week induction programme for the incoming batch of 2018 from 23rd July 2018 to 4th August 2018, at the four campuses(CEG, MIT, ACT and SAP).           

The Induction programme included various activities such as:

  • Physical activity - Sports / Yoga / Exercise
  • Creative Arts - Painting, Music, Dance, Sculpture
  • Universal Human Values - Discussions for a harmonious life
  • Literary activities - Reading, writing, debating, plays
  • Proficiency Modules - English, Computer (Awareness) Skills
  • Lectures by Eminent people - Alumni
  • Visiting Local Area - Special places - Monuments, hospital, orphanage
  • Department Familiarization - Campus Walks, Labs, Innovations
  • Branch Specific workshops -  Computational Thinking for CSE & IT, Design for Mechanical students, etc.